It’s much easier to see what the plugin can do (and how to do it) by looking at a few examples. I am definitely not saying these necessarily make for a good look – or that they’re great ideas to put onto your site. They’re just there to show the sort of thing that can be easily done. I recommend looking at them in order, as the explanations tend to build on each other…

  1. Image under the main menu. Different images can be added under the main menu on different pages and posts.
  2. Gallery under the main menu. Post authors can add a gallery (or images) below the main menu and above the post content.
  3. Adding a notice to a page. Users with the editor role can add a notice to any page (or post).
  4. Adding a slider under the main menu and tweaking the site title. Users with the editor role can add a slider and add to the site title on any page (or post). This example shows how two hooked editors can be used at the same time.

Adding hooks to child themes

Unless your theme has hooks right where you need them, you’ll need to be comfortable making your own child theme, using custom templates and adding hooks to them as needed. Doing all that is a 5-minute job once you’re used to it.

Hooks used in the examples

This site uses a child theme of the free Hoot Ubix theme. For the purposes of these examples, I’m using two hooks that come as standard in the theme, so no need to create any new  templates:

Hook 1 – After the main menu

The last line of header.php is do_action( 'hootubix_template_main_wrapper_start' );. It comes right at the beginning of the ‘main’ content div, which follows the closing  </header> tag. Hooking into this action allows us to add editable content just underneath the main menu.

Hook 2 – Site title

The Hoot Ubix theme displays the site title / logo using the function hootubix_logo() in include/template-helpers.php, and the site title can be amended using the filter hootubix_site_title. So when I use two hooks in the last example – adding a slider and tweaking the titlehootubix_site_title is the second of them.