Cape Verde

The Cape Verde islands are a chain of 11 islands 450kms off the west coast of Africa. Of these 11, Sal is the one that has become a focus in recent years for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. This group of islands have largely remained unspoilt and so offer not only fantastic wind conditions, but are also a real getaway from the UK. Over the years the island has been shaped by Portuguese, African and Latin influences and offers a warm welcome all year round.

The word Sal means literally “salt”- this is due to there being salt flats in the north east of the island. The island itself is 35km long by 12km wide and has, on average 350 days of sunshine a year whilst only just over 5 hours flight time from the UK.

Add to this fantastic beaches, beautiful seas and reliable winds and you have all the ingredients for a top kitesurfing holiday destination, see you out there!

One point to note and as published on the Cape Verde Republic Official Journal, it's now finalised that from 01.05.2013 all tourists over 16yrs will pay 2.200$00 ECV / Day Tourism Tax