Equipment rental

Equipment rental

£104.00£346.00 per person
(depending on season and/or duration)

Choose from the latest kit – chop and change to suit conditions. If the duration you desire is not listed below, please contact us.

Destination: Essaouira Morocco
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Product Description

Select from the newest kite gear from NKB. The main kites available are Rebel, Neo, Dice and Evo. All kites feature the safe 5-line bars from NKB, but also the 4-line bars are available (lengths 20m and 24m). NKB twintips are also available, mainly Jaime, Gonzales, X-Ride and Spike in all sizes.

Wetsuits and harnesses available free of charge when renting equipment; however the availability is limited so we recommend taking your own accessories where possible.

Specific Conditions

Obligatory level check for kitesurfing rental is included in the rental price. In case your level is insufficient for rental the voucher will be changed into lessons.

Destination info

Morocco > Essaouira

Essaouira is an old medieval walled town located on the Atlantic approx 180km from Marrakech. It is a mix of the old and the new, with the original town and markets against the backdrop of the newer town with the more modern hotels and shopping precincts. It is a lovely town, with medina’s and old, traditional shops located in a network of streets that really does hark back to the old days. You can get everything here from little touristy trinkets to traditional furniture to classic Morrocan crockery and all a short walk from your hotel.

As you explore the city you will discover that the choice of places to eat is phenomenal. One unique and very good restaurants is El Khaima (the tent) in Chrib Attay square. As the name suggests, you dine in a large tent with a very traditional & tasty menu, all with very competitive prices. There is such a large choice of eateries though that you will find your own favourite with every budget & taste catered for here.

Further down, in the cobbled streets and an explore away are the fish and meat souks. These are frequented by locals, so the prices are cheaper here. You can choose your fish and it is grilled right in front of you, you cant get any fresher and its amazing value.

The weather in Essaouira is pretty consistent throughout the year. The wind blows cross offshore from the right. The best time for beginners is in the morning, as it is for children. The wind then starts to get stronger until by 12 it is really best that the more experienced kitesurfers are out on the water. If you do get a day that is not so windy (and they do sometimes occur) then a trip to other beaches may be the answer. Other spots such as Moulay Bouzerktoun are a 20km drive away and can be organized on the day, its about £11.00 in a taxi or the centre owner does a shuttle run as he lives in Essaouira.

The nightlife in Essaouira is a little limited with alcohol available in restaurants and bars and there are even a few off-licences. Essaouira is a great place to eat, kitesurf and shop rather than a place to party all night in!