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    Dead trees (Competent)

We love photography. We've never taken pictures for a living, so we're what you might call enthusiasts. We've always spent whatever free time we have snapping away - out in the countryside, in makeshift studios, or wandering about town. Pretty much wherever and whenever we can.

The thing we like most about photography is that there's always more to learn, always ways to improve. In our opinion, it's just about impossible to get bored as a photographer. It's easy to find a new challenge to set oneself, and so rewarding to learn new techniques or open up new creative avenues.

One of the best ways to become a better photographer is to have constructive feedback on your images from someone who knows what they're talking about. You can get that by joining your local camera club and entering the regular competitions they run. We're members of our local clubs, and if you're an amateur photographer then we urge you to try your local club if you haven't already.

We've created our Competitions product to support camera clubs and other groups. It's designed to mirror the typical club competition format, but we've also made participant scoring and commenting available - so you can get peer feedback as well as judge feedback. We think there's no such thing as too much feedback!

Sometimes a group competition isn't quite what is needed though, so that's why we offer individual Assessments. Maybe you can't make regular club meetings. Or maybe you're not sure you want your image critiqued in public. Perhaps you've done some photos in a new style and you're not sure they'll do well in a competition. Or maybe you've just taken the most fantastic picture and you simply can't wait for next month's competition to hear what a judge would think of it.

Whatever your situation, if you're an amateur photographer looking to improve, we created Well Judged for you. This is where you can find out how good your images are and how to make them better - however and whenever you want.