• <strong>Telephone booth</strong> (Accomplished) <a style = "color: red" href = "https://www.sneezingtrees.com/sites/welljudged/assessments/our-system-of-standards/">(What does this mean?)</a>
    Telephone booth (Accomplished)

We offer two kinds of assessment, as well as access to our Assessment Archive.

You pay for assessments by spending credits, which you must purchase in bundles of 300, 640, 1,000 or 1,800. To find out more on how our credits system works, take a look at Pricing.

Our Assessments

Basic assessment – 20 credits

Your image is assessed and awarded a Standard – one of Entry, Competent, Accomplished, Excellent, or Outstanding. We think any image rated as Accomplished or higher should be considered a "good" image by anybody's standards. Why not judge for yourself though? Take a look at some example images assessed at different standards. Alternatively you can filter the Assessment Archive by standard, although until you buy some credits you won’t be able to view the full size images or video assessments.

Full assessment – 200 credits

As well as being awarded a standard, one of our judges will examine your image and give detailed feedback in a video in a format similiar to these examples. The video will last 3 to 5 minutes, which is a little longer than the average time spent per image at a typical club competition. You should be aware that your video assessment will be stored in our Assessment Archive and can be viewed by other paying customers, just as you will be able to see theirs. However it's all completely anonymous – image owner names are never displayed in the Assessment Archive.

Assessment Archive access – 6 months free with any purchase

A good way to learn is by looking at the feedback on other people's images. Full assessment videos are stored in our Assessment Archive on an anonymous basis - in other words, the image owner names are never displayed. Anyone who makes a purchase on our site gets six months access to the Assessment Archive from the date of purchase. Once you have full access, you will be able to view images at full size and access the videos. In addition, you can view and add comments from other users on any full assessment video.

The Process

The process is the same for both assessment types:

  1. You submit an image and it is allocated to one of our judges for assessment.
  2. The allocated judge examines your image and assesses it against our System of Standards. The amount of feedback you get depends on the type of assessment.
  3. No more than 7 days after you submitted your image, and generally sooner (find out more), your Assessments page is updated with the results and we send you an email to let you know.