• <strong>Dragonfly</strong> (Accomplished) <a style = "color: red" href = "https://www.sneezingtrees.com/sites/welljudged/assessments/our-system-of-standards/">(What does this mean?)</a>
    Dragonfly (Accomplished)
How to buy

To buy any of our products, you must first register with us, and then you must buy some credits. Credits come in bundles, and the more you buy in a single bundle, the cheaper your credits are. What's more, every time you purchase credits, we give you full access to our assessment archive for the next six months. That means you can see all the video assessments in the archive, and all the images at full size.

You also get your own public gallery, which you can share with anyone you choose, and you have control over which of your images are visible and whether the assessment results are displayed. (Remember that all of your images and assessment results go into our assessment archive, so they are always visible - anonymously - to others with full access to the archive. Read more on our approach to privacy.

You don't have to use all your credits straight away, indeed you don't have to use any at all to start with. You can spend your credits when and how you want. You can always see how many credits you have left, as well as records of how and when you purchased or spent your credits.

Product prices
Product Description Price
Basic assessment Image standard assessed 20 credits
Full assessment Image standard assessed, plus video feedback 200 credits
Assessment archive full access 6 months access from date of credits purchase Free with any purchase of credits
Credit prices
300 credits

640 credits

1,000 credits

1,800 credits