Our format is primarily designed to suit camera club competitions and inter-club tournaments, but it can work for any group wanting to run a photography competition.
Run your own competition! Here's how...
  • If you don't have one already, create a group, and invite people to join your group.
  • Decide what sort of competition you want to run. One judge or a panel of judges? Within your own group or against other groups? Allow group members to score and comment as well as judges?
  • Open the competition for entries. Participants upload their images and submit them to the competition. Group administrators can edit titles and remove images if necessary to assist.
  • Close the competition for judging. A Competition judge can either view and score images on site on the night, or in advance from home. Participating group members can score and comment from home too if they wish.
  • If you wish, you and other group administrators can present the results in person before anyone else has access to the results. An offline version can be provided so no internet connection is needed. (The presentation follows a typical camera club format.)
  • Publish the results on our site. All your group members have full access, and you can also create a public version that contains some or all of your images, scores, and comments. Participating group members also get access to analysis showing where judges agreed and disagreed.