Not actually a plugin – rather a utility class that allows easy setting and management of admin notices in WordPress plugins. Various types of admin notices are available, including dismissable one-off or persistent messages. Graceful fallback for non-JS.

Notice Types

Notices are either one-off or persistent:

  • A one-off notice is dismissed automatically when a user sees it for the first time. The user will not see it again unless the notice is reset.
  • A persistent notice is not dismissed automatically when a user sees it. It must either be dismissed by the user (if the notice is set to be dismissable), or it must be dismissed programatically.

Notices are also either added or opt out:

  • Added notices are stored in usermeta against the user(s) who should see them. When dismissed, the notice is removed from usermeta.
  • Opt out notices are set to be displayed in the plugin code, and it is the dismissals (not the notices) that are stored in usermeta.