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To give some sense of progression, here are some of the sites I have built presented in reverse chronological order. Please feel free to go take a look. When you visit those sites marked with a , I make a few suggestions as to what you might be interested in looking at – sort of a mini guided tour. Entirely optional though.

Charlies Wines

Promotional site for a food and wine expert.

My current project and work in progress. Uses my own custom Beaver Builder extension plugin to generate custom modules with both Beaver Builder and Advanced Custom Fields interfaces.

The goal here was to hit the right balance between the total freedom of a page builder and the rigidity of setting content using Advanced Custom Fields. A lot of work to build the framework but it pays off for this and future projects.

KEEN Industries

One-page site for a start-up digital brands agency.

The goal was to emulate the look and feel of a selection of sites that the agency liked.

The original design was done in less than a day with a page-builder. Re-building it the traditional way in the block editor with a stylesheet took another whole day. The idea was to prevent future content changes messing up the layout, but I’m really not sure it was worth it.

Whole System Thinking

Corporate site for a small design and build construction company.

Converting the original site to a fully responsive layout while maintaining the look and feel. Developed the new theme using _s.

Building a custom theme from _s instead of using a child theme introduced me to the customizer and forced me to get a better handle on CSS.

Kiting Online

A travel booking site for kitesurfing and windsurfing holidays.

Conversion of the original site content onto WordPress to allow online bookings. Achieved with:

  • WooCommerce
  • A custom child theme of Storefront
  • A bespoke plugin integrated into WooCommerce to facilitate pricing and bookings by date.

Such a pleasure to work with the WooCommerce plugin – hooks and filters just everywhere, making integration as straightforward as it can be.

Well Judged

Where amateur photographers and photography clubs could:

  • Have their photos reviewed and scored by experienced competition judges
  • Design and run intra- and inter-club competitions

Built to my own design. Too wordy, but the images made up for it. With custom database tables, user and judge scoring on competitions, and video and audio commenting, it was a steep learning curve for a first site.