I belong to a small camera club – 30 to 40 members. Our projector was several years old and had a 1024 x 768 resolution. Time to upgrade, and it fell to me to do the research and make the choice.

So here’s what I learned in case it’s useful to other camera clubs. No doubt it’ll be out of date in a few months, but anyway…

We ended up buying the Epson EB-U32 for about £600 incl sales tax. It’s much much better than what we had.

Here are various things I wrote to our club committee about various considerations at the time. Much of what I am about to summarize was excellently presented by Projector Point, from whom we ended up buying the projector.

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Fire leaf

A wet afternoon in Eastbourne, looking for odd stuff to photograph. This was the best of the lot – a leaf half-submerged in a puddle, and the lights from a nearby shop-window giving it a neat look…

I entered these in my local camera club competition – theme “Water”. The one I liked the most (Icy stream) did worst, and the one I liked the least (Leaping Pebbles) did best, winning in fact. Shows what I know.