I entered these in my local camera club competition – theme “Water”. The one I liked the most (Icy stream) did worst, and the one I liked the least (Leaping Pebbles) did best, winning in fact. Shows what I know.

Just finished reading The Year without Pants by Scott Berkun, which is about his 2 year tenure at Automattic working for WordPress.com. Inspiring and worth a look, but not what I’m here to say.

Unusually for me, because it was borrowed from a friend, the book was in traditional paper form instead of downloaded to my Kindle. I love the convenience of the Kindle, but I do get it when people say to me, “It’s just not the same – I need the feel of the paper”. And as a slight aside, before my main point, I have found I need the location feature turned on when reading my Kindle. I am disconcerted that I don’t know how far I am through the book. With the paper version, I know instinctively because of the size of the wedges of paper either side of my thumb. Not so with an e-reader, and it turns out I like to know where I am in the story arc.

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